mushrooms are naturally occurring and are consumed for their hallucinogenic effects. They belong to a group of drugs known as psychedelics and  because of the changes experienced to perception, mood and thought. The key ingredient found in magic mushrooms is psilocybin. When psilocybin is taken, it is converted in the body to psilocin, which is the chemical with the psychoactive properties.

What do they look like?

There are many different types of magic mushrooms. The most common ones in Australia are called golden tops, blue meanies and liberty caps.2 Magic mushrooms look similar to poisonous mushrooms that can cause a person to become very sick and can result in death.

They can also come as dried material in capsules. Synthetic psilocybin appears as a white crystalline powder that can be processed into tablets or capsules, or dissolved in water.3

Other names

Shrooms, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, liberty caps.


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After ingesting magic mushrooms, delayed headaches may occur and which do not usually last for longer than a day afterwards
After taking mushrooms a person may experience feelings of:

  • exhaustion
  • depression
  • anxiety.2,4

Long-term effects

Some people who regularly use magic mushrooms may experience flashbacks. furthermore flashback is when a magic mushroom experience reoccurs, they are usually visual distortions that involve perceptual or emotional changes.

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Health and safety

The main risk involved with taking magic mushroom is that some of them look very like certain types of poisonous mushrooms, moreover it is important to know what you are taking if in doubt, do not take them

If you believe you or someone else may have eaten a poisonous mushroom do not wait for symptoms to occur, contact the Victorian Poisons Information Centre (Tel 13 11 26).

If the person has collapsed, stopped breathing, is having a fit or is suffering an anaphylactic reaction, immediately ring triple zero (000) for an ambulance.

For more information on poisonous fungi, including their identification and symptoms please visit The Better Health Channel.

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